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Memory Care Initiative

The goal of the Memory Care Initiative is to deliver high quality care to individuals with cognitive impairment and their caregivers in the primary care setting through evidence-based assessment, treatment, and psychosocial support across the full illness trajectory.


Referrals Can Come From:

  • Bullfinch Medical Group
  • Primary Care Wellesley
  • 978 Clinic



The Memory Care team, which includes a licensed clinical social worker, geriatric nurse practitioner, and a geriatric doctor, collaborates with each patient’s PCP to provide assessment and diagnosis if necessary and to improve overall health and quality of life. The team also works closely with each patient’s family and care partners to reduce stress, manage behavioral and psychological symptoms of memory loss and dementia, and plan for the future.

If you or your loved one have a primary care doctor at Bulfinch Medical Group and are interested in learning more about this program, please speak with your doctor and ask for a referral.  Referrals can come from: Bullfinch Medical Group, Primary Care Wellesley, and 978 Clinic.

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