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Caregiver Rescue: Skills to Create Moments of Relief and Rest with Miguel Rivera, MD: September 2020

The Dementia Care Collaborative in the MGH Division of Palliative Care & Geriatric Medicine hosts Miguel Rivera, MD, for the second part of his presentation on relaxation and the stress response.

Transformative Rest Returns with Kristy Harvey: February 2021

Massachusetts General Hospital Dementia Care Collaborative Health and Resiliency program "Transformative Rest Returns" presented by Kristy Harvey, Movement Educator, Wise Owl Wellness. February 11, 2021

Transformative Rest with Kristy Harvey January 2021

Massachusetts General Hospital's Dementia Care Collaborative presents Health and Resiliency program, "Transformative Rest" featuring Kristy Harvey, Movement Educator, Wise Owl Wellness

Nutrition for This Time in Our Lives

Humberto Moncayo
October 22, 2020

Medicine Cabinet Mayhem

Miquel Rivera
September 10, 2020

“Flattening the Curve of Distress: Finding Moments of Relaxation and Calm During Challenging Times”

Dr. Keri Brenner, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in Palliative Care at Stanford University
Hannah Shefsky, Board-Certified music therapist at MGH with the Cancer Center and Psychiatry:
June 4, 2020

COVID as a Catalyst for Meaningful Conversations When Living With Dementia:

Juliet Jacobsen
April 30, 2020

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